Information about voting for Magic8

Why am I getting advertisements in my server?

Advertisements are now sent every 100 commands used in a server. The advertisements are only for Magic8 but may change or grow in variety. Magic8 has become quite popular lately and advertisements are used to get people to vote, promoting the bot even more. The developers are then motivated to continue working and perfecting Magic8 to be the best entertainment and utility bot.
Advertisements will only be sent in non-premium servers that do not have a user who voted within the since midnight of the current day (EST). Voting links can be found here.

Why Vote?

Voting helps promote Magic8 on the website the bot is on and attracts more users. With the community supporting Magic8, the developers are more motivated to make features as perfect as possible and get more work done. All of Magic8's features are available for free, although there are premium options to increase certain limits.
Automatic Voting Rewards are in BETA
Monthly Voting Rewards:
The server with the most votes at the end of the month gets 1x week of Premium I.
Total Voting Rewards:
    200x Votes
      1x Premium I Forever
    500x Votes
      3x Premium I Forever
    1000x Votes
      3x Premium II Forever

Where can I vote?

Can I get my own Advertisement on Magic8?

Yes you can, please contact Fyrlex#2740 on Discord for more information.
Last modified 7mo ago