Magic8 has the ability to support any language out there. We ask for your support in helping this!

Magic8 Languages

The developers of Magic8 have spent the past few weeks moving all messages into this repository. In addition, Magic8 directly pulls its languages from here and works pretty fast. Come join the project and help translate Magic8!
*Please note that we are not looking for complete translations! Although we'd greatly appreciate that, we aren't rushing you to complete the entire English file translated in one night.
*Please also note that English is the most accurate and up to date language. It is up to other translators to match their languages with the English file. We have a News Channel in our Support Server that posts all updates of the en.json file.


    Double check to make sure your language is present in the /languages folder
    Create a fork of this repository and/or store the English file (en.json) file on your computer
    Please make sure you are familiar with JSON syntax, arrays, objects and strings
    Please make sure you understand Markdown
    Translate the English (en.json) to your fluently known language
    Submit a pull request or send a file to be reviewed and then approved


    Follow updates for the English file (en.json)
    Do not edit the contents of the placeholders, "{EXAMPLE}", move them accordingly for grammar purposes
    Do NOT use a translating service if you don't understand the language you are writing in (don't pretend you know a language)
    If you are fluent in another language, you are permitted to use a translator only to help you understand the English, please correct any errors from the translator
    If you feel that you may need some help translating, either contact support or use the recommended translator, DeepL
    Please do NOT change the meanings of translations
    If a user reports a translation and we discover that it is in fact a misleading/irrelevant translation, you will be held responsible and punished

Possible Rewards

    Language Contributor Role in our Support Server
    Advertisement on the Magic8 bot or in the #sponsors channel
    Complete credit for the language
    Utmost respect from the developers
    Possibly more
Please only translate files to your known language if you are already somewhat fluent in English. This way, you can understand the grammar and make proper changes. If you ever have a question about a word or phrase, do not hesitate to contact support.
There are still quite a few commands that do not support translations. It is tedious work that will be done when the developers have the time to do so.

Placeholders Information

To get data that can't be translated, placeholders are used in the form of {PLACEHOLDER}. Again, please do not edit these at all, only move them for grammatical purposes.
Here is a list of the global placeholders (placeholders that are always the same everywhere). Be sure to check for updates here!
Green Check Emoji
Red Cross Emoji
Info Emoji
Loading Emoji
Warning Emoji
Support Server Invite
Server Prefix
@Message Author
Username e.g. Fyrlex
If you do not understand a placeholder, please contact support.
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