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View the progress of specific projects or features for Magic8.
Complete - Multiple Language Support (GitHub) - Trivia Update - Update mcserver status page - New features/settings for Auto Voice Channels - More Auto Voice Channel types, 5 - 8 size channels
In Progress - Automatic voting rewards and improved webhooks - Finish adding settings and toggleto en.json - Clean up all language files - Update other language files to match changes in en.json - Tidying up code and error catching - Find translators to help edit/create translations for Magic8 or Documentation - Work on translating using DeepL - Massive Improvement/Optimization of Looking For Group
Not Started - Prevent too long messages for mcachievement - More options for overwatch profiles - Fix a few unused settings - More statistics to view for hypixel command - Fix random bugs with akinator - Dashboard to manage Magic8 - Option to answer using reactions for trivia - Chess game - Blacklist individual users/roles for specific commands/categories
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