Change Log - December 2020
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The following list of updates are from the month of December 2020. To view other updates, open the Change Log tab on the left.

12/26/2020 - Live

    randomnumber - get a random number between any range of whole numbers
    All settings/customizations now only require the Manage Server permission
    Auto publish #github updates from the Discord server
    5 - 8 size types for Auto Voice Channels
    New advertisement for partner bot, Shopery, a Discord ordering service,
    Prevent mentioning roles with say
    Starting to fix a page issue with listmanager
    Fixed an issue with a fakeping menu, it is still being monitored
    Prevented new items in listmanager from being more than 80 characters
    Page system for viewing a list's items in listmanager
    Other bug fixes with certain menus and deleting lists for listmanager
    Translations update
    Updated Privacy Policy
    Updated some command descriptions
    Improved reload command and other developer tools to reduce restarting the bot
    Bug fixes/improvements

12/20/2020 - Live

    slowmode - set a custom slow mode in any channel (it can't be done in channel settings!)
    Statuses for Magic8
    Advertisements delete after 60 seconds
    Typos and formatting with some messages
    Bug fixes/improvements

12/17/2020 - Live

    Command category URL in help menu when checking a command
    Command info menu updated
    Fixed a display issue with language
    Fixed a major issue with some settings not loading
    Fixed the author's message for clear not deleting
    Updated invite link, was missing Move Members for Auto Voice Channels
    Updated popular to give the link to Statcord
    Bug fixes/improvements

12/15/2020 - Live

    Moved prefix command to its own - s prefix to prefix
    Optimizations for Auto Voice Channels + reset command to refresh the generated channels
    Fixed issues with listmanager
    Bug fixes/improvements

12/13/2020 - Live

    Statuses for Magic8
    Preparation for languages website
    Removed aliases for mcskin and fixed some issues
    overwatch was optimized
    listmanager add items menu was fixed
    Other bug fixes/improvements

12/8/2020 - Live

    Help menu shows disabled commands warning for non-administrators
    Translations are now in progress for documentation
    imposter command
    Developer tools to make updating easier
    Fixed an issue with the no-permission message for clear
    Fixed an issue with mcskin error messages
    Updated both Premium Package perks
    Fixed an issue with Auto Voice Channels
    Updated error messages
    Moved christmas and bigemoji to Miscellaneous category
    Major bug fixes/improvements

12/3/2020 - Live

    Player list pages for mcserver
    View help menu for setting up a Minecraft server status page with mcserver help
    Looking For Group major fixes/improvements
    Bug fixes/improvements

12/2/2020 - Live

    Customized main bot page on
    Major bug fixes/impovements accross many commands
    mcserver player pages
    New design for menus with lists

12/1/2020 - Live

    Smoothened Magic8 logo by RatKing#7029
    Developer command to reload edited commands, this was to reduce restart times
    Anti-Ping display user fixes
    Settings menu update
    Fixes with finding user forbattle
    Language fix for ds
    Player list fix for mcserver
    Ads run every 50 commands, was 30
    Major bug fixes/improvements
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