Change Log - February 2021
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The following list of updates are from the month of February 2021. To view other updates, open the Change Log tab on the left.

2/21/2021 - Live

    Added messages for prefix in en.json
    Fixed a minor issue with say
    Fixed an issue with a message not responding for connectfour
    Cleaned up a lot of code
    Fixed an issue for GrandMasters rank for overwatch
    Fixed a major caching/performance issue
    Prevent @mentions being used for a prefix
    Removed all automatic advertisements

2/7/2021 - Live

    Can now view details of a partner or affiliate with partners [partner/affiliate]
    Hunter Bot is a new affiliate of Magic8
    Fixed a few issues with managing Anti-Ping roles
    Fixed issues with monthly votes resetting
    Fixed the updates message
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