Change Log - January 2021
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The following list of updates are from the month of January 2021. To view other updates, open the Change Log tab on the left.

1/24/2021 - Live

    The dates in language menus now will attempt to grab the date format of the server's language
    Certified on Blist
    Magic8 is officially a part of BreMea Development / Cube Club properly redirects to the documentation
    partners command to view the new Partners page
    Updated vote command menu
    impostor is now an alias of imposter
    Option to @mention a user for imposter to get their name in the image/title
    The issue of username with spaces when using imposter was fixed
    Typing media when there is no media set no longer requires Manage Server permission
    Typing help <command> no longer requires Manage Server permission
    Updated Terms & Privacy
    Fix an issue with some webhooks
    Fixed an issue with the main settings menu not sending

1/16/2021 - Live

    Overwatch SR emojis
    Magic8 daily summary command, summary
    Voting webhooks on various sites
    Improved voting webhooks and better guild/vote tracking
    Fixed an issue with a listmanager menu
    s toggle is now it's own command, toggle which without any args is the same as s toggled
    Formatting of overwatch profile menus
    Removed and added some statuses
    Removed the alias mcachie for mcachievement

1/9/2021 - Live

    Temporarily disabled mentioning any user or channel with say
    Help commands are now available through Discord's new Slash Commands, /help
      To add this new feature to your server you must allow these commands using this invite
    Updated images and colors for Reaction Commands
    Fixed a visual bug with the listmanager randomizer menu
    Advertisements are now run every 100 commands instead of 50
    Updated language menus to make sub-commands more obvious
    Prevent spam when deleting a battle message
    Added pages to view when setting roles for various commands, errors occured with servers with many roles
    Fixed an issue with the already playing menu for slotmachine
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