Change Log - October 2020

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The following list of updates are from the month of December 2020. To view other updates, open the Change Log tab on the left.

10/31/2020 - Live


  • Added vote links in m!botinfo


  • Removed vote link from m!info

  • Fixed an issue with m!pht

  • Adjusted wording in a few settings menus

10/28/2020 - Live


  • Nothing today


  • Random Lists is now List Manager

    • More than one list can be made

    • Aliases and command name update: m!listmanager or m!lm

  • Auto Voice Channels category permissions check fixed

  • TicTacToe new look

  • en.json update

  • Anti-Ping and Looking For Group disabled due to a Discord error that will be fixed within a week.

  • Entire ticket system and data removed because it was never used

10/23/2020 - Live


  • Added a log channel setting for Anti-Ping


  • m!cape is fixed

  • Removed two unused data columns

  • Fixed a few bugs with Anti-Ping system

  • Increased Anti-Ping user limits

    • Free was 3, now 10

    • Premium 1 was 10, now 20

    • Premium 2 was 100, now 30

10/21/2020 - Live


  • Nothing today


  • Disabled m!cape due to a bug

  • en.json update

10/18/2020 - Live


  • Options for Trivia e.g. difficulty and category


  • en.json update

  • Fixed an issue with m!slotmachine not sending a message

  • Changed m!me to an alias and m!myinfo to the main command

10/16/2020 - Live


  • Nothing today


  • Prevented Magic8 from being added to Anti-Ping users

  • Fixed a menu issue with Akinator

  • Added a space between HP and the health percentage for battle command

  • Added old server icon image URL for Fake Ping

  • Fake Ping cooldown is now 5 minutes, was 1 minute before

  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

  • en.json update

10/15/2020 - Live


  • Anti-Ping official release

  • Auto Voice Channels official release

  • Looking For Group system official release

  • Custom 8Ball Color settings return

  • Limit restricted channels per category

  • Limit Anti-Ping users

  • Limit Auto Voice Channels

  • Limit custom Magic 8 Ball responses

  • Added an all argument option for m!antiping removeuser to remove all users


  • Fixes an issue with Custom Lists cooldown

  • Fixed an issue where restricted channel settings did not show when providing an invalid setting

  • Removed more automatic deletions of menus

  • Fixed grammar in a few menus

  • Catching errors for TicTacToe to fix a bug in next update

  • en.json update

  • Removed level system because there is now premium

  • Fixed an issue with most reaction commands

  • Fixed command usage database

10/14/2020 - Live


  • GitBook website for documentation and general assistance

  • Premium Packages

  • Premium information command

  • Cooldown option added for Custom Lists


  • en.json updates

  • General fixes and formatting of messages and settings menus in order to be consistent in style

  • Removed most menu auto-deletion