👋 Introduction

A short introduction on how to understand the Magic8 Documentation

In the following articles, you will be given the command, usage, aliases and a brief description. When encountering <> or [], do not actually type those characters. The <> means required and [] means optional. Any time you see a word like this, it is usually referring to a command or alias. If you see | between two or more words, it means those are your options. If an option is inside "", it an actual option that can be used.

To view specific command information, typem!help <command> to receive a small help menu of the command.

A prefix must be typed before any command or alias, you can check your server's prefix by @mentioning the bot in your server.

The Usage column provides examples on what you would type after the command name. <user> always means @mention someone.







Aliases: 8b, ball

Description: Ask a question and get a response

You can type the command or any alias after your prefix to run the command. You will have to type a <question> to use the command successfully.

m!8ball Hi, are you a good bot?

All commands and aliases are not case sensitive and do not require the command to be directly after the prefix. The following is an example of what will work.

m! Help

All commands in every category except Information and Administrator can be toggled using: m!toggle <command>

If no usage is provided for a command, a menu is usually sent or there simply isn't anything to provide.