Terms & Conditions

These terms may be updated at any time without notice. You agree and will follow these terms as long as you are using Magic8.

The Magic8 Discord Bot ("bot") is owned and developed by Fyrlex#2740 and AlonsoAliaga#0017 ("us"/"we"/"our"). The following Terms & Conditions ("terms") are automatically followed when you use Magic8.

  • You will not use Magic8 in harmful ways against other members of your servers.

  • We may remove or ban the bot from your server at any time for what we consider inappropriate (no racist or hate content for server names/images).

  • We may remove or ban the bot from your server if you are abusing commands or trying to break a feature.

  • We may update your server data at any time if there is an issue with our database.

  • We have a log system of every command that is used, the author and the server.

  • All donations to Magic8 through through any payment method are donations that cannot be refunded. Chargebacks ban Magic8 from any server you are in. This includes all Premium Packages too.

  • Prices and contents of Premium Packages may be changed at any time, usually with notice in our Support Server.

  • We ask you to follow Discord's Terms as well.


We collect and store guild (server) data on Magic8 for settings and to monitor your usage explicitly of Magic8. Your data will not be given to any third-party service. You may request your data at any time by contacting Fyrlex#2740 on Discord.

Mincraft Server IP/Host Feature

The Minecraft Server IP address or domain name you set will be secured in our Database. It will not be used for any other reason besides when someone checks the status of the server with the mcserver command. You can remove your Minecraft Server IP from the Database at any time with mcserver remove.